Article 35

Article 35. A law student does not get too attached with his law school friends. The fact is, not everyone is meant for law school.


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  1. Actually, where I study, we are all attached to each other. I think because we have a relatively small student population, we consider each other family.

    That’s why we are all sad when one quits or transfers.

    • I completely understand. There’s nothing wrong with forming a bond with your blockmates, it’s inevitable if one wants to survive law school. I guess what I wanted to convey is that we shouldn’t get TOO attached because it’s always hard to say goodbye to people you care about.

  2. I think perhaps an amendment of this provision is appropriate… Layla’s right, we do get attached with our law school friends. The wording of the provision is probably just a little vague.

    Maybe this will make it clearer (just a suggestion, better wordings may be available):

    “A law student WILL CONTINUE TO PERSEVERE DESPITE LOSS OF his law school friends. The fact is, not everyone is meant for law school.”

    • Well, it is a little vague 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion Che; I like it. Give me a few days to update this post. I’m still trying to decide if I should look for a new picture or retain the old one.

      • There’s no problem with the picture. 🙂 Just an amendment of the provision will do. 😉

  3. This is so true. But I guess, I should see it on the reverse. Maybe, I should not get too attached to my friends because maybe, who knows, I’m the one not meant for law school. Di ko pa maimagine yun sa ngayon. 🙂

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